Mystery Fires Guts 51 Huts in Soroti

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Simon Etalu, the LC 3 chairperson Tubur sub county says the incident has left the entire village at a loss.

At least 51 grass thatched huts have been gutted by a mystery fire in Soroti district over the two weeks. The incident occurred in Orieta village in Tubur Sub County. The destroyed huts include 20 eating kiosks and drinking joints in Tubur Market and 31 homesteads.

Simon Etalu, the LC 3 chairperson Tubur sub county says the incident has left the entire village at a loss. He lists some of the affected people as Charles Eletu, Salume Asipo, Isaac Obale and Paul Amodoi. According to Etalu, they are confused about the source of the fire. John Michael Ekaju, the LCI chairperson Orieta village says over 60 people from the same clan are affected.

He appeals to the disaster preparedness and refugees ministry to come to the rescue of the affected families. He says other residents have shied away from accommodating the affected families fearing that their homes could also burn down. 42-year-old Michael Ochen, a father of 65 children told URN on Phone this afternoon that his family has been isolated in the village as none wants to associate with them.

According to Ochen, he sought refugee with his family in a kiosk at Tubur Market but the kiosks were also gutted by the fire. Ocen says that he tried to transfer some of his property to Isaac Obale’s home but his house also burnt forcing villagers to eject them and his family. He says they are now living under trees because the community fears to accommodate them.

Ochen and his family are at a loss as they cannot understand the source of the mysterious fire that has continued to torment them. Simon Odongo, the LC V councilor Atiira sub-county says in 2007 a mystery fire affected Ariamet village, Alengo parish in Atira Sub County in Serere district. He says the fire gutted over twelve houses and displaced the whole clan.


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