Muyenga Community Donates Mattresses to Suspects

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Kabalagala police station cells may be described as the cleanest cells in Kampala city thanks to the Muyenga community who have donated 15 mattresses for suspects to sleep on.

Unlike several police cells across the country, where inmates spend nights on the cold floor, inmates at Kabalagala police station have some comfort. The inmates sleep on mattresses that were donated to the cells by the Muyenga Tank Hill community. On 15th January 2013, Yasin Umar, the chairperson of Muyenga Tank Hill community handed over 15 mattresses to Kabalagala police stations to be used by suspects held there. When our reporter visited Kabalagala police cells on Monday, they looked neat because of the community involvement in police work.

Despite the fact that the two inch mattresses and pillows were delivered on January 15th, they looked torn.  The suspects told our reporter that the mattresses were getting torn, because they were already used when they were delivered. However, the inmates said that they lack blankets. Lindon Kwendo, who was arrested over the weekend for failing to pay a debt of 100,000 shilling, said at least the inmates no longer sleep on the cold floor. He explained that they were 34 suspects in the cells, adding that mattresses could accommodate up to 50 people.

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However, the suspects are concerned about poor meals, lice and bedbugs in the cells. Yasin Umar, the chairperson Muyenga Tank Hill community has not yet commented as he couldn't be reached by URN. Alfred Baluku, the Officer in-charge Kabalagala Police station says that the community donated the mattresses in appreciation of the good police service in the area.
He explains that previous the force would provide the inmates wuth blankets that they would sleep on instead of mattresses. Baluku says that to keep the cells clean, the suspect bath with liquid soap and spray the cells over the weekend to kill bedbugs. He says that as a result of sleeping well, the suspects appear in court while in good health. Baluku says that as human beings, the suspects need some level of comfort in the cells.