Museveni Tips Rwenzururu Kingdom on Conflict Resolution

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President Yoweri Museveni has asked Rwenzururu Kingdom to focus on resolving conflicts that concern the ethnic groups in the area.

President Yoweri Museveni has asked Rwenzururu Kingdom to focus on resolving conflicts that concern the ethnic groups in the area.

In a speech read for him by the vice president Edward Ssekandi at the 46th coronation anniversary of the Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma in Kasese on Friday, President Museveni said that Rwenzori region needs to be stable because it is one of the key areas for development focus in the country.

Museveni said that the cultural institutions have done a lot in the development of the country and that conflict resolution is also one key area where they can excel.

He said that the restoration of the Kingdoms is one of the great achievements of the NRM government because they are older than the history of Uganda and make Ugandans proud of their culture. The president said that Kingdoms should concentrate on the reviving of their lost traditional values for the better organization of the society starting from the family unit.

He commended the Rwenzururu Kingdom for the good working relationship with the central government and promised government support to the Kingdom’s development programs.

At the function, the Vice President also launched the fundraising drive for the construction of the five-billion shilling palace for Mumbere at the Base Camp Hill in Kasese Municipality. President Museveni pledged 80 million shillings in support of the construction with Sekandi delivering 20 million in cash.

Sekandi also contributed five million shillings as a personal contribution in a drive that saw the collection of about 120 million shillings in cash and pledges.

In his speech, Mumbere pledged his kingdom’s commitment to dialogue and reconcile with other ethnic tribes so as to deal with the current tensions in the area.

Omusinga Mumbere lamented the recent conflicts that the Kingdom got involved in just days after celebrating 50 years of their Independence on June 30, in Bundibugyo district.

The Bamba-Babwisi clashed with the Bakonzo in Bundibugyo as the former wanted to demolish Mumbere’s shrine constructed at his ancestral home in the area, where as the Basongora installed their King Ivan Bwebale on July 1. Since then, the Banyabindi community in Kasese has secretly crowned Elisha Mugisa as their King before the Bamba also decided to break away from Rwenzururu.
Early this week, it emerged that President Museveni gave the Bamba community a go ahead to install Major Martin Kamya, a serving UPDF officer attached to the 3rd Division, as their king.

King Mumbere, who commended the central government for its interventions in settling the conflicts, called for more investigations into the ethnic tensions adding that tempers of different people are still high. He noted that despite some Bamba denouncing their support for the Rwenzururu kingdom, some of them were still paying allegiance to the kingdom.

The king also asked government to fulfill some of the pledges it has made such as upgrading of Kasese Airfield and developing an industrial park, saying that this would create employment for the youths so that they are not used by people with selfish motives.

Defense Minister Dr. Crispus Kiyonga said Uganda’s relations with the Democratic Republic of Congo are still warm despite reports that Uganda was funding the M23 rebels who are controlling parts of Eastern DRC. A leaked United Nations report this week accused Uganda and Rwanda of financing and commanding the rebellion in the vast mineral-rich country, a claim both countries dismiss as baseless.

Dr. Kiyonga said the regional forces are in the process of being formed to handle negative forces in Eastern DRC that have become a burden to all the countries in the region.