Museveni says No to More Cabinet Appointments from Teso

1219 Views Soroti, Uganda
President Yoweri Museveni has rejected calls from leaders of Teso to appoint more Cabinet ministers from the sub-region. The President yesterday met more than 3,000 political, religious and cultural leaders at Soroti Hotel. The Teso leaders urged him to consider appointing more Ministers from the sub-region in order to provide a fair national representation on the Cabinet. However President Museveni rejected the appeal outright saying the political dynamics did not warrant the appointment of more Ministers from Teso. He said that because the people of Teso had not voted for him or for National Resistance Movement representatives in the 2006, he could not offer them the same number of political positions as other regions that had supported him. During the 2006 presidential and parliamentary elections, President Yoweri Museveni only managed to win 20 percent of the votes. His main opponent, Kiiza Besigye secured an unexpected 80 percent of the votes. All the incumbent NRM MPs from Teso were also kicked out of the House and new opposition parliamentary members voted in. The poor election results saw ministers Mike Mukula, Grace Akello, Christine Amongin Aporu and Lt. Gen. Jeje Odongo dropped from cabinet. Only first-time parliamentarian Musa Ecweru was appointed State Minister for Disaster Preparedness and Relief.