Military soldiers shoot at Besigye

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Kiiza Besigye, the FDC leader has been shot and injured in the right hand.

Besigye was shot at a few minutes after he resumed his Walk to work protest.

Uganda Radio Network reporter at the scene says that on approaching Wampewo Ntake secondary school, Besigye who was ringed by an estimated 500 supporters was confronted by the military police.

One of the commanders speaking on the loud speaker announced that the group of military soldiers standing ahead of them was working on the orders of the state and that whoever disobeyed would be liable to arrest.

Hardly had he completed his statements than the sound of live bullets started rattling sending the protesters into disarray. Besigye was deserted as his supporters fled from the live bullets.

In the ensuing chaos, Besigye was shot and injured in the right hand.

Angoliga Salim, head of Besigye’s security team called up Sallam Musumba and Sam Njuba as the police Anti-corruption truck moved in on Besigye.

It’s not clear whether the police pick up truck is taking him to hospital or to the police station. Latest reports however show that Besigye has been rushed to Kampala Hospital in Kololo.

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