"Mercenary" Voters Ignite Suspicions

The alleged presence of "Mercenary" voters from Kampala is emerging as one of the suspicious activities in this election. Voters in some parts of the country are concerned that ferrying voters from Kampala to the countryside could pave way for the infiltration of 'mercenary' voters. In Ssembabule, three taxis full of suspected 'mercenary' voters ignited a fire that engulfed a whole village last night. Police was forced to fire tear gas at voters in Lwemiyaga who went on rampage last night, following reports that three taxis had ferried voters in support of Patrick Nkalubo to Lwemiyaga. Stevene Tanui, the district police commander, says that it all started when the usually quiet Lwemiyaga was suddenly abuzz with traffic activity, way into the night. Armed with stones and sticks, Ssekibo's supporters stormed out of their houses and intercepted the three taxis, forcing the alleged voters out. Farouk Karugaba, one of the residents witnessed the mid night scuffle. He says that the angry residents hit the taxis with stones demanding that the suspected voters be ferried back to Kampala. With tempers flaring high, some of the residents grabbed the stones and started smashing the window screens. Police however responded with tear gas and dispersed the irate crowds. In Masaka, the police there have arrested Peter Ddungu, the headmaster for Masaka Town College for allegedly ferrying voters from Kampala to vote in favor of Mathias Mpungu, one of the contestants for the Masaka Municipality parliamentary seat. Police swung into action following reports that the headmaster was hiding voters ferried from Kampala in the school, which is also owned by Mathias Mpuga. Last evening, a search was quickly mounted on the school, but no voters were found there. Noah Serunjogi, the Southern Region Police spokesperson, says the headmaster is still under detention, pending an investigation into the claims. In Mityana, Kadu Mukasa, the incumbent Mityana South Parliamentary candidate is not happy. He claims that students from Crested Secondary School in Luwafu zone, in Kampala's Makindye have been ferried to Mityana to vote for his rival.


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