Mbale Chokes on Garbage

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Heaps of garbage that have not been collected for several months’ litters all corners of the town.

Mbale is choking in garbage, with stench spewing from all corners of the town.

At Kikindu Market, Nkoma Ward, residents there say the garbage has not been collected for several months leaving them at a risk of contracting diseases.

Dauda Mukulu, a bicycle mechanic in Kikindu Market, says they are suffering from the stench from an abandoned garbage skip. Mukulu explains that sometimes residents throw dead animals in the garbage skip leaving the place stinking for weeks.

He says the central government should intervene and compel Mbale Municipal Council to remove the garbage.

Annet Mwolobi who resides opposite Islamic University in Uganda-IUIU says garbage has covered the road leading to accidents. He says the Mbale Soroti Road has become narrow around IUIU because of the garbage that has covered part of the road.

// Cue in: “Don’t you see the road…”
Cue out “…become narrow” //

Yasin Zirinyamiti, a primary school pupil says the skips have become a threat to the children's hygiene.

Sarah Kayinza, a resident of Bujoloto Cell says garbage in the area has not been collected for the past eight months. She claims garbage has never been collected since the current councilors took over office in April.

// Cue in: “I sit in Nkoma…”
Cue out “….saloon poured there the hair every rubbish is here” //

Ssezi Mafabi, the LC3 Chairman for Northern Division, says the council is financially handicapped and cannot deliver essential services like garbage collection.

He claims the contractors who are running council utilities are not paying the council.

// Cue in: “The people who were…”
Cue out “…over 140 million shillings” //


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