Mayuge Councillor Probed Over Missing Pigs


In short
According to Kilaka, Namaganda received 949 pigs but most of the intended beneficiaries didn’t receive them.

Mayuge Resident District Commissioner, James Kilaka is investigating Zilia Namaganda, the Kityerera town council LC V councilor for selling off pigs deliver under the presidential empowerment program.   

Namaganda, who doubles the project coordinator, is also being probed for deploying his son and daughter as field officers. 

The pigs were part of the presidential empowerment program pledged to residents by President, Yoweri Museveni in 2015.

According to Kilaka, Namaganda received 949 pigs but most of the intended beneficiaries didn't receive them.    

"We have instituted a probe into this matter following numerous complaints from residents who have never received the pigs and why all the field officers in this project came from one family," he said.  

Kilaka further stresses that the probe team made an impromptu visit to Kityerera B village where 90 pigs were purportedly distributed but only seven were recovered.

Joseph Pompe, a resident says he constructed a pig sty worth Shillings 250,000 in 2016 but has waited for the pigs in vain.   

"They convened a meeting and tasked us to construct pigsties, which I did in 2016, but I have never received any piglet even after being inspected by the project field officers," he said. 

Fred Kasango, the Speaker of Kityerera town council, says he filled the application forms for the piglet but he is yet to receive any. 

"I filled the beneficiary forms in August 2016, but I have never received the piglets. The coordinator keeps on making empty promises, which have not yielded to anything," he said. 

Namaganda denies all the allegations leveled against him, saying he will present a report on the entire project and submit it to the office of the RDC.