Masaka to Host National Tuberculosis Day Celebrations

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Masaka District will host this year’s National Tuberculosis day celebrations.

Masaka District will host this year’s National Tuberculosis day celebrations.
According to the Chairperson the organizing committee and also Masaka District Health Officer, Dr Stuart Musisi the function is to take place at Masaka Liberation Square in Masaka town this Thursday.
Dr. Musisi revealed that the State Minister for Health, Sarah Kataike is expected to be the guest of honour.
The theme for the celebrations is “A call for a world free of Tuberculosis” and the slogan for this year’s event is “Stop Tuberculosis in my future life time”.
The South Western Zonal Tuberculosis supervisor, Dr Justus Asimwe, said that according to the 2011 statistics the country registers over 50,000 cases of Tuberculosis and at least 50 of the reported cases are diagnosed.
Dr. Asimwe said that Uganda is among the 22 countries in the world that are burdened by Tuberculosis and out of every 1000 people in the country, at least 3 people have Tuberculosis. He said that Kampala is the most affected place with 78,000 people according to the 2011 statistics, followed by Wakiso and Masaka. 
He said that Masaka is among the best performing districts in detecting Tuberculosis. Unfortunately 53 percent of the spotted Tuberculosis patients can be treated on the 8 months dosage for adults and 6 months in children of the Tuberculosis drugs.
He said that tuberculosis is related to HIV/AIDS because out of every 10 Tuberculosis patients, 5 -7 people are HIV positive.
Dr Asimwe said that Tuberculosis is the main cause of death in HIV/Aids patients adding that every ten deaths of HIV Patients 3 are caused by Tuberculosis.
Margret Ntambaazi, the Assistant Masaka District Health Officer, said that Masaka is stuck with a problem of Tuberculosis patients who fail to complete their dosage.
She said that every 10 patients on treatment 3 don’t complete the dosage which she says that it’s dangerous since patients risk developing multi drug resistant Tuberculosis. She said such a strain would require the patient be treated the patients for two years.
Ntabazi called upon the public to always help the Tuberculosis patients to take drugs because a big number of patients leave treatment after taking drugs for two months yet the dosage is for 8 months.