Man Beats Wife to Death over Meat

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A woman in Amuria was beaten to death by her husband over half a kilo of meat she had bought for the family.

Police in Amuria are holding a man who beat his wife to death on Friday night.
Godence Ovuru, Amuria district police commander, says the police arrested the suspect shortly after the incident.
The incident occurred at Sugur village, Wera Sub County in Amuria district at 9:00 pm on Friday night.
Ovuru identified the suspect as John Eluga (45) and the deceased as Grace Asamo (30) both residents of Sugur village, Wera Sub County in Amuria.
Ovuru says Eluga murdered his wife by beating.
The two, who are officially married and have been staying together have a two month old baby who was on Saturday handed to Amecet, an NGO in Soroti that takes care of disadvantaged children.
Julius Eragu, the brother to the suspect, says the incident occurred at their residence.
Eragu believes that his brother was annoyed to learn that his wife had decided to trade half a basin of dried potatoes for a half a kilo of meat from a butcher.
This angered her husband who started beating her on learning what she had done.
Eragu goes on to reveal that several women tried to separate the fighting couple but they were overpowered by the husband and run for their lives. The men who could have stopped the fight from turning into a murder were too drunk to interfere.
 A kilo of meat in Wera Sub County is sold at 6,000 per kilo while half kilo goes at 3,000 shillings.
 The body of the deceased was transported for burial on Saturday to her husband’s home in Sugur village, Wera Sub County in Amuria district.


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