Man Arrested for Defiling 4-year-old

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The Police spokesperson Okema said that there have been 47 girls defiled since January 2013 in the region.

A 30-year old man has been arrested in Gulu after he was caught red-handed defiling a four-year-old child.

Kenneth Wokorach (30) was arrested over the weekend.

Wokorach narrowly survived being lynched by angry neighbours who caught him in the act.

The Palenga village resident defiled his neighbour Scovia Amony’s daughter.

Amony says she had briefly left her daughter in the house when Wokorach took opportunity of her absence to defile her.

The distraught mother found her daughter bleeding heavily after the attack.

She has requested the police to conduct HIV/AIDS tests on her and the suspect.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the spokesperson for Aswa region condemned the act saying that Wokorach will be arranged in Court this week.

Okema also called on parents to avoid leaving their children alone.

Okema said that there were 47 girls defiled in Acholi region since January 2013.

He said that the latest case was early this month when a police officer attached to Paicho police post in Gulu allegedly defiled a 15 year old girl and infected her with HIV/AIDS.

He identified the police officer as PC Martine Oryang who he said has been imprisoned.