New Central Buganda Bishop Installed

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The preacher of the day Rt Rev Dr Kazimba Mugalu, the bishop of Mityana Diocese spent most of his preaching castigating Christians that opposed Lubowas election. He however counseled Lubowa to remain focus and forgive them.

Rev.  Michael Lubowa has been consecrated as the new Bishop of Central Buganda Diocese  despite protests from a section of Christians.

Lubowa was consecrated today at Central Buganda Diocesan headquarters Kasaka in Gomba district. Lubowa replaces Rt Rev Jackson Matovu who retired last year.

He becomes the 3rd  Bishop of the diocese. Lubowa is son to Rt Rev George Ssinabulya, the first Bishop of Central Buganda who retired several years ago.

Last year, a group of Christians opposed his elections on 24 grounds. They among other issues accused Lubowa of defrauding hundreds of Christians through Action Christ in Development (ACID), a defunct Non-Government Organization when he solicited money from them with promises of securing scholarships and bursaries for their children to study abroad in vain. 

He is believed to have collected more than Shillings 100million from unsuspecting parents around Mpigi and neighboring districts. 

They also claimed that some members of the synod, which elected Canon Lubowa, had stayed beyond the ten year term provided in the canons of the Church. They singled out Isaac Jombwe, the Chancellor of Central Buganda Diocese as one of the members who illegally participated in the election of the new Bishop. 

They also argued that while canon law dictates that a chancellor of the diocese must be a communicant - someone wedded in church and goes for Holy Communion, Jombwe is not. The petitioners claim that Jombwe was illegally endorsed by the outgoing Bishop, Jackson Matovu as Chancellor since he is cohabiting.

Jombwe is one of the 15 members of the Electoral College or Nomination Committee which is comprised of nine laity, five Clergy and a Chancellor.

The preacher of the day Rt Rev Dr Samuel Kazimba Mugalu, the Bishop of Mityana Diocese spent most of his preaching castigating Christians that opposed Lubowa's election. He however counseled Lubowa to remain focused and forgive.

Bishop Kazimba made reference to ancient days, when Noah constructed an Ark to save people from the devastating floods stating that some myopic people refused to enter the ark  and  they died. He therefore asked Bishop Lubowa to treat those that rejected him like those that refused to enter Noah's Ark.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Rt Rev Stanley Ntagali preached forgiveness among those aggrieved by Bishop Lubowa's election and resultant consecration.

Daudi Maragala, the Deputy Chairman of Bishop Lubowa's consecration committee noted that those opposed to him simply wanted to destroy his reputation.

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