Local Leaders Disatisfied With Online Wealth Declaration System

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Solomon Nyakojo, the LC III Chairperson Mparo Division wondered how leaders who have never used a computer can download and fill forms before submitting them electronically, since they dont want to expose their wealth to strangers.

Local leaders in Hoima district are dissatisfied with the decision of the Inspectorate of Government-IG requiring them to declare their wealth using the online system. Leaders at all levels are required by Leadership code act 2002 to declare their wealth after every two years.
Since the enactment of the code, the leaders have been filling manual forms to declare their wealth before submitting the hardcopies to the Inspectorate of Government. However, this year, the Inspectorate of Government changed from the manual to the online system.

The leaders are expected to download t forms from the internet fill in the details and email them to the Inspectorate. On Wednesday, several leaders in Hoima turned up at the district headquarters to enroll onto the online system so as to declare their wealth.

However, a number of leaders expressed dissatisfaction with the development, saying it poses great challenges. Francis Kazini, the Kizirafumbi Sub county LC V councilor told URN that the new system doesn't take into account accessibility to internet.


He wondered who will buy the data bundles that the leaders will use to download the forms and send them back by email. Solomon Nyakojo, the LC III Chairperson Mparo Division wondered how leaders who have never used a computer can download and fill forms before submitting them electronically, since they don't want to expose their wealth to strangers.

He says the switch to the online wealth declaration system was rushed.
//Cue in:"When you talk...
Cue out...no sensitisation"//

Bigirwa Kasanga, the Buhimba sub county LC 5 councilor wondered why the Inspectorate continues to follow up on their wealth yet they are not on the government payroll

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However, Annet Twine, the Director Leadership code in the Inspectorate of Government reminded councilors of their role as leaders, saying they control the district budget. Twine also emphasized that the leadership code requires councilors and LC chairpersons to declare their assets every after two years, which they must comply with.
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Cue out...complying with law"//

Munira Ali, the IGG Principal Public Relations Officer said all leaders were sensitised about the switch to the online system to declare their wealth last year, adding that it is time to move the same digital direction with other government agencies.
She said the leaders have up to the end of March 2017 to declare their wealth or else they face the wrath of the law.


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