Local Government Blocks Creation of Mafubira Town Council

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In short
Mwesige has written to the district suspending the proposal until further notice.

Adolf Mwesige, the minister of local government has blocked attempts by Jinja district local government to elevate Mafubira Sub County to a town council. Mwesige has written to the district suspending the proposal until further notice. His letter stems from a petition filed by Margaret Mugabano, a resident Lake village in Wanyange parish accusing the sub county leadership of failing to consult the residents on the proposal to elevate their area to a town council.
Mugabano fears that that their land will be taken by investors and land grabbers, real estate business will become very expensive and the cost of doing business will become high. Mwesige says his position will be reviewed after issues raised by residents of Wanyange are internalized. But Magidu Zaake, the LC 2 chairperson of Mafubira parish is in support of the decision to elevate the sub county to a town council.  He says elevating Mafubira Sub County to a town council would bring improved services to resident like better health facilities, piped water as well as electricity services to the area.  

Hamisi Kiganira, the LC 3 chairperson of Mafubira Sub County says those opposed to the elevation of the area to a town council are saboteurs who do not have any good for the people of Mafubira.  He says that they will continue pushing with their proposal to have the area elevated to a town council. Peter Ayazika, the Mafubira sub county Chief says the sub county has a day population of 120,000 people, while at night the population goes up to 250,000 people. In 2011 ministry of local government ordered all district chairpersons, mayors to halt the process of creating new villages, parishes and sub-counties.


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