Burial of Fallen Lira Pilgrim Pushed to Next Week

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Scovia Moro, one of the 450 pilgrims from Lira, died in Matugga town on the final leg of their 12-day pilgrimage to Namugongo ahead of the annual Martyrs Day celebrations.

 A pilgrim from Lira Diocese, who died on her way to Namugongo, will be buried on Wednesday June 7.

Scovia Moro, one of the 450 pilgrims from Lira, died in Matugga town on the final leg of their 12-day pilgrimage to Namugongo ahead of the annual Martyr's Day celebrations.

Over the years pilgrims walk the journey of faith from different parts of the country to the Martyrs shrine in Namugongo in honor of the martyrdom of 45 young men who converted to Christianity between 1885 and 1887, to the annoyance of then King of Buganda, Mwanga II. The young converts were burnt to death after they refused to denounce Christianity.

Moro's journey was however cut short when she developed complications along the way. She was rushed to Bishop Ceaser Asili Hospital in Kasana-Luweero where she received treatment and later discharged before continuing with the voyage. Moro, who was three months pregnant, lost her life moments later.

Oruma Alex, one of the leaders of the Lira pilgrims says that Moro's body will be transferred to Lira hospital today where it will be kept until next week for a befitting send off.
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Oruma says that following Moro's hasty death, a vehicle was brought to carry tired old pilgrims who were tired and unable to complete the journey to St Jude Church in Naguru, where they are now hosted ahead of Saturday's celebrations.  The Lira pilgrims are largely old men, women and young Christians. Goretti Okello, the oldest of the 449 pilgrims is aged 84 while the youngest are two 13 years olds; Gloria Ayo and Flavia Ejang.

 Goreti Okello who is walking for the fifth time says God gave her strength to walk the 380-kilometre journey in order to pray for peace to return to Northern Uganda.

Speaking to Uganda Radio Network through a translator, she said; "I am praying peace in northern Uganda. There has been a lot of fighting in northern Uganda which we don't want to happen again. It was so bad, we lost a lot of properties and children, relatives and in-laws, animals and houses were also burnt down." She says if God gives her strength, she will come back next.

Serafino Alunyu, a 73-year old pilgrim says he is walking to pray for his sick wife.
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The annual Martyrs Day pilgrimage attracts over two million people from all around the world, including countries like Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and the DRC, as well as European countries and the Americas. 


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