Law Society Promises to Crack Down on Corrupt Lawyers

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The Uganda Law Society has elected Kampala lawyer, Deo Nkunzingoma its new president for the next one-year. Nkunzingoma who has been Vice president to out going president, Moses Adriko, is also Chairperson of the Anti Corruption Coalition of Uganda. The law society with now a membership of over 1,000 lawyers elects its office bearers on a one-year basis with an option of a two term in office. Out going President, Moses Adriko, has served his two terms. Nkunzingoma has promised to start by meeting the Principal Judge to discuss how to solve problems of delayed judgment. He said the delay of judgments is against the legal adage of ijustice delayed is justice deniedi. Nkunzingoma has vowed to get tougher on corruption and bribery among lawyers. He said his administration would not compromise on ethics and professional conduct of a lawyer. //Cue in: iThe law council has tried## Cue out:#.conduct of the lawyers.i// The outgoing president of the society, Moses Adriko, said he is proud with the achievements he has made for the law society and for the people of Uganda. He said his administration has left 35 million shillings on the council account, two years after he took over with no money on the lawyers' account. Adriko said many times as he stood strongly against abuse of the law by government, he would be called names. He said the new administration should stand strong in defence of the observance of the rule of law, even when government is not happy with it. Cue in: iWe have promoted# Cue out:....difficult circumstances.i// The members of the society also elected Allan Shonubi as vice president, Harriet Magala Secretary and Bule Kyerere as Treasurer. All the four executive members were elected unopposed.