Law Enforcement Officer in Trouble for Disobedience

1700 Views Nebbi, Uganda
Dominic Odota, the head Nebbi Town council law enforcement unit is in trouble for alleged disobedience. The Nebbi District Police Commader ordered for the immediate arrest of Odota. Odota's troubles stem from his refusal on Monday to attend a training of crime prevention officers. Instead of heading to the training ground, Odota went to Nebbi police station and confronted the DPC demanding to know why he was being asked to join a training of youths. Alex Wabwire, the DPC describes Odota as undisciplined because he refused to obey the orders and must be arrested. Anecho Stephen, the Nebbi town clerk, says that Odota has been arrested. Speaking to Journalists in Nebbi, shortly after his arrest, Odota said that he refused to attend the training because the DPC did not specify the kind of training he was expected to undergo. He is still being detained at Nebbi police station.


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