Kitgum Shuns "Walk to Work" Protest

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Opposition leaders in Kitgum have failed to organise walk to work protest. They say their party secretariates have failed to communicate to the district offices and therefore cannot organise the peaceful march without clear direction

Opposition Politicians  in Kitgum district have shunned the Walk to Work campaign being spearheaded by Forum for Democratic Change.

The march in protest to spiraling cost of living is aimed at forcing government to take action to curb the high cost of living.

Kitgum district FDC chairperson, Alfred Amoi says the protest is illogical because the people in Kitgum have been walking throughout their lives to work. He says there is no need to organize a special marching since it has been part of the people for long time.

He says his office cannot organize the protest because he never received any official notification from the secretariat.

Kitgum Democratic Party chairperson, Philip Odwong,  says DP secretariat never communicated any information regarding the protests. 

The DP chairperson says he and his colleagues learnt of the protest from the press. He says all other political leaders in the district have not been informed of what to do during the walk to work protests.

Guston Otto, of the Uganda People’s Congress, says he is equally not aware of any need for walk to work protest. Otto says he also heard about the protest from media houses and has not received official communication from Uganda House.

Otto says the protest is an initiative of FDC, but not UPC and therefore sees no reason to organize protest in Kitgum
Other smaller parties have remained silent on the protests.

However, the decision by the opposition party leaders to shun the protest has not gone well with some opposition party members.

James Okumu, an FDC  party supporter in Kitgum town council wonders why the district leadership is failing to mobilize the members, when their colleagues in other district are protesting the high costs of living.

Juliet Adokorach, another party member is equally disappointed with the leadership of Kitgum FDC. Adaokorach says if  the party cannot organize a protest against the government; other party members will organize protests against the party officials.

The police in Kitgum has remained quiet on the issue. 

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