Kitgum Police Re-arrest Two Escapees

1469 Views Kitgum, Uganda
Two of the seven suspects who broke out of detention at Kitgum Central Police Station early this week have been re-arrested. They are Godfrey Okonya and Geoffrey Oryem. Godfrey Okonya was picked up from Kitgum town while Oryem was found in Padibe East in Lamwo district. Both suspects were charged with escaping from lawful custody and remanded to Kitgum government prisons. Nasur Oringa, Kitgum District Police Commander explains that the suspects and five other still at large escaped from police station during a power blackout. He says that police is still hunting for the remaining suspects and appeals to members of the public to help police arrest the remaining suspects. //Cue in: "So far we have arrested two namely... Cue out: " that they can face the court of law"// Oringa says that police has also charged Leonard Mwaka, the guard who was on duty when the suspects broke out with negligence of duty. He says that police is suspicious how the suspects escaped from the cells without breaking the doors. //Cue in: "this is a person also who has been..." Cue out: "...he has to go and defend himself"// He warns that police will arrest and prosecute anyone found helping the escapees. The suspects at large are Peter Omony, Michael Tabu, Dison Otto and Kinyera.