Kinyara Sugar Factory Switches To Manual Cane Loading

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Kinyara Sugar factory has switched to manual cane loading,shunning its long preferred mechanical loading of sugarcane.

The factory managers say they were forced to abandon mechanical loading because of complaints from farmers that they incurred heavy losses because of sugarcane spillage during loading.

In mechanical loading,loading vehicles are used to load sugarcane on trucks,as opposed to manual loading where cane loaders are employed to load sugarcane.

Cyprian Batala, a director at Kinyara Sugar Limited, who is also the Assistant Commissioner ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry says the company has had many complaints from farmers in relation to the losses resulting from cane spillage during mechanical loading.

//Cue in: "When we were loading......."
Cue out: " avoid spillage of cane,"//

Batala explains that the switch to manual loading also aimed at availing employment to community members, who are now employed as cane loaders. He reveals that about 800 people are now employed as cane loaders and this has improved on their livelihood.

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But farmers are not yet satisfied, even with the factory using manual loading. Morris Ngabitho, one of the sugarcane farmers says they have continued incurring losses even when their sugarcane is loaded manually because greedy contractors always over load their vehicles and cane spill all the way to the factory.

//Cue in: "Manual loading is better than............."
Cue out: ".......and we continue to lose"//

Robert Atugonza, the chairperson Masindi Sugarcane Farmers Association however says  manual loading has greatly reduced farmers' profit levels because it is expensive.

He reveals that a ton of sugarcane is loaded at 2, 300 Shillings manually while with mechanical loading, a ton was loaded at 1200 Shilling.

Atugonza adds that manual loading is slow compared to mechanical.