King Oyo Defends Suspension of Kingdom Constitution


In short
Through Karuhanga, Tabaro and associates, King Oyo argues that he legally suspended the constitution with the approval from the Kingdom parliament.

King Oyo has defended his decision to suspend the 1999 Tooro Kingdom constitution. Last year, while addressing the Tooro Kingdom parliament, the Orukurato, King Oyo suspended the constitution and ordered for amendments to some clauses in the constitution.  Two weeks ago, George Kusemerewa, a member of the Tooro Kingdom clan council dragged King Oyo to court for illegally suspending the Kingdom constitution and appointing Steven Kaliba, the former Fort Portal Municipality MP as his premier.
The High Court in Fort Portal gave King Oyo fifteen days to file his defense. Through Karuhanga, Tabaro and associates, King Oyo argues that he legally suspended the constitution with approval from the Kingdom parliament. He says the fact that members of the Tooro Constitutional review committee were drawn from the Orukurato is evidence that they were consulted. According to King Oyo, the suspension of the Kingdom constitution hasn’t affected the operations of the Kingdom administration as alleged by Kusemererwa in his suit.
He states that all departments of the Kingdom such as the parliament, cabinet ministers and the kingdom land and appointments board are functional.  King Oyo also denies appointing Steven Kaliba as the Prime Minister saying that he only nominated his name. He asks court to dismiss the allegation saying it is baseless since Kaliba has neither taken an oath nor been installed. He says that Kaliba will have to first be approved by the Kingdom parliament. King Oyo wants the court to dismiss the suit with costs.  

The High Court in Fort Portal is yet to fix a date for the hearing. This is the first time King Oyo has decided to file defense in courts of law. Two years ago, he was sued by the members of the Kingdom clan council for illegally sacking the late William Nyakatura as Prime Minister but the matter was settled out of court. 


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Emmanuel Kajubu
Emmanuel Kajubu is proud to have been the first Ugandan journalist to write in depth pieces about the Tooro Kingdom institution. His knowledge of the inner workings of the Tooro Kingdom is what made him privy to the splits in the royal family. These splits almost challenged Tooro Omukama Oyo Nyimba Iguru's reign.

Culture, agriculture and the environment are just two areas of many of interest to Kajubu. As long as he has held a pen, Kajubu has also written about public policy, health and crime.

Kajubu is keen on impacting his society not just as a writer but also a trainer and mentor. Bundibugyo and Ntoroko districts fall under his docket. Kajubu has been a URN staff member since 2008.