Kigongo Meets Budaka Political Leaders Over NRM Election Mess

1256 Views Budaka, Eastern Region, Uganda
The National Resistance Movement Vice Chairperson has rushed to Budaka district, following the massive irregularities that have marred the NRM primaries there. Kigongo met with all the NRM aspirants at Wilbur Hotel in Budaka town council. He was told that the election in Budaka was messed by intrigue between the rival NRM political aspirants and their aspirants. The elections in Budaka were characterized by massive irregularities ranging from the late delivery of voting materials and bribery to theft of the ballot papers. Kigongo told the aspirants in Budaka that, the mess that characterized the NRM elections is a shame, embarrassment and a disappointment for the party leaders. He said that he was worried that the scenarios that emerged could scare away voters from future elections. Kigongo noted the NRM, as a party is not camp for training boxers or murderers but rather a party that is striving to embrace the tenets of democracy. He said the party executive would not rest until all people involved in the election mess face tough disciplinary action.


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