Gen. Katumba Wamala Visits Troops in Somalia

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Chief of Defense Forces,Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has visited Janaale military base that was overrun by the Al-Shabaab, killing a number of soldiers attached to the Ugandan contingent on African Union Mission in Somalia.

General Wamala briefed the front-line troops in Janaale, Lower Shabelle region, commending their gallantry in their fight against Al-Shabaab terrorists.

The army said in a press statement that General Katumba Wamala took particular note of the spirited fight the soldiers exhibited against Al-Shabaab militants, who attacked the AMISOM base at Janaale on Tuesday mroning using a vehicle borne explosive to gain forceful entry into the camp, where they were engaged in battle by the troops.

"I just want to give assurance to our partners and also to the other soldiers that all is under control and definitely nothing much to worry about," says General Wamala.

"Our hearts go out to the gallant soldiers who lost their lives as they were executing this noble task of defending and protecting the civilians in this country against the bad fellows like the Al-Shabaab," he added

General Katumba was guided on a tour of the Janaale base by the AMISOM Ugandan Contingent Commander Brig. Gen. Sam Kavuma and briefed by the troops on the ground.

He confirmed that Uganda had incurred some casualties . The statement does not say how many UPDF soldiers were killed and how many were injured and where the causalities were being treated .  

The Al-Shabab on Tuesday claimed they had killed seventy of Ugandan soldiers but Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF) says twelve Ugandans were killed in the attack.

The bodies of ten soldiers arrived at Entebbe Military Airbase this morning. The army said it was expecting bodies of two others later.

Meanwhile State Minister for Defense, General Jeje Odong in a statement at Parliament said ten Ugandan soldiers had died during the attack and that 46 Al-Shabaab were killed and two captured.

Some Members of Parliament were eager to know why the statement from the Minister was indicating that ten Ugandans had been killed when his Spokesperson, Lt. Colonel Paddy Ankunda said twelve had been killed.
General Jeje Odong requested Parliament not to have the statement debated saying it was still preliminary.