Kabale Artemisia Farmers to Supply Quality Chemicals Factory

2103 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
Afro alpine limited a company that introduced artemisia in Kable district has landed a tender to supply the new Quality Chemical Industries Luzira pharmacy. Artemisilin which is extracted from Artemisia is a major component of new anti-malaria medicines. It is combined with other chemicals to produce coartem tablets that are currently the recommended dose for malaria. The Director of Finance at Quality chemicals industries, Fred Mutebi, says Artemisia farmers in Kabale district can now smile because their crop will be bought competitively. Mutebi's announcement comes after the launching of a multi-million factory at Luzira that will produce anti-malarial drugs along with Anti Retroviral Drugs. The Director of Afro alpine, Charles Mbiire, confirms the deal but will reveal its details next week. If successful, this deal would end a long list of botched deals that have left cash crop farmers suspicious. Kabale farmers still have bad memories of pyrethrum whose promised market failed to deliver the promised prosperity. Cleat Rugwiza, an Artemisia farmer says the only hope this time is based on the market that is in Uganda. Artemisia is farming has also picked up in Ibanda, Ntungamo and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo