Jinja NRM Election Boss Under Threat of Dismissal for Election Mess

1870 Views Jinja, Uganda
Michael Kasedde, the head of Jinja district NRM electoral unit has come under threat of dismissal for the poll mess. The NRM executive committee of Jinja has filed a petition seeking the dismissal of Kassede from his position. Julius Ziwa, the municipality NRM general secretary, says Kasedde does not deserve to be transferred else where, because he has lost all credibility. Last night, the petitioners led by Moses Kalisa Kalangwa, convened a closed-door meeting at the NRM offices on Lubasi road in Jinja and resolved that Kasedde does not deserve to remain in his position and must be suspended indefinitely. They argued that Kasedde was behind the mess that shrouded the NRM party polls in Jinja. They claimed that he allowed some people to rig the poll, tainting the credibility of the final results. The petitioners want the results annulled and a fresh election organized. But Kasedde has denied any wrongdoing. He says that the petitioners are simply a pack of aggrieved losers who have refused to come to terms with their defeat. The petition is being sent to the NRM party secretary general, Amama Mbabazi.


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