Jinja Councillors Plot to Impeach LCIII Chairperson

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In short
James Otuba, the councillor representing Walukuba East explained that the LC3 chairperson has been staying away from council meetings for a long time.

14 Councillors have petitioned the speaker of Walukuba -Masese division over their intention to impeach the LCIII chairman Zam Zam Namakula.

In a May 15 letter to Fred Nabeta, the Councillors expressed their resolve to have Namakula removed from office. 

"Please be notified that pursuant to section 6 (viii) and 14 of the Local Government Act, we the undersigned Councillors represent one-third of the house. We, therefore, intend to pass a resolution of council to remove the LC3 chairperson," the letter reads in part. 

James Otuba, the Councillor representing Walukuba East explained that the LCIII chairperson has been staying away from council meetings for a long time now.

"She last attended council in July last year. Since that time, we have been sitting minus allowances and have no one to turn to," he says. 

Sarah Nansamba, the woman Councillor for Persons Living with Disabilities (PWDs) wondered how a leader could stay away for so long from council yet people elected her to serve them.

"It is in council that we deliberate on key issues pertaining to development. How will she explain to her electorates when she returns to them seeking for more votes," she says. 

Namakula cited health problems as being responsible for her continued absence from council sessions. "I have a vice chairman who can handle while I am away. Actually, I have been fought by these same Councillors since day one so it is not a surprise that the battles are still on," she says. 

She adds that her lawyers have been notified about the status quo and would definitely advise on the way forward.