IPC Accuses UPC of Weakening Push for Kigundu Resignation

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The Inter Party Cooperation-Women's league is accusing UPC of weakening their push for the resignation of the Badru Kiggundu led Electoral Commission. Ingrid Turinawe, the Chairperson of the "Women for Peace" says that the withdrawal of UPC from the IPC has led to the withdrawal of UPC women from the lobby group. She says that the withdrawal of UPC from IPC puts its female members in a vulnerable position because IPC can not pay their legal fees because their party has left the coalition. //Cue In " Government is trying to get.... Cue Out... we did nothing wrong" // Tirinawe says that as a result some of the women who were facing trial for staging the anti-Kigundu led electoral commission have since apologised with the hope that police will drop the charges against them. Over 30 IPC are being prosecuted for storming the Electoral Commission headquarters without police authorisation. Joseph Bossa the UPC Secretary General however says that he is not aware that the UPC women have apologised to police. Bossa says UPC continues to cooperate with other parties in areas of common interest. // Cue In " If indeed UPC ladies ... Cue Out .. we shall do it"// The "women For Peace" pressure group have been silent since their countrywide demonstrations were brutally dispersed by police living several protestors injured. The women have threatened to return to action saying they can not give up the struggle until what they have been pushing for is achieved. Mercia Lilian, a woman activist from Maracha district insists that she and her colleagues don't expect free and fair elections once the Kigundu led commission is still in charge. // Cue In "We are still are still continuing with .... Cue Out ... democracy in Uganda" // The women believe there is likely to be civil unrest if Dr. Kiggundu is allowed to oversee the forthcoming elections But Steven Ongaria, a commissioner says that Electoral Commission now enjoys cordial relations with the opposition because several contentious issues have been addressed through dialogue.


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