Insufficient Transport Delays Jinja Polls

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Voting in the three divisions of Jinja municipality delayed this morning as a result of inadequate transport to deliver voting materials. By 8:30 am voters from Walukuba, Kimaka and Central division had not yet cast their votes. Flavia Mujulizi, Jinja District Returning officers says that they failed to deliver the voting materials in time because of lack of transport. She says that they have managed to secure transport to deliver materials to all the polling stations. Francis Emoru, a voter from central/ steel polling station in Masese Division says that delay to deliver the voting materials has affected his program. Emoru says that he planned to cast his ballot early so that he can report on duty. //Cue in "it is making us..." Cue out "....discouraging a few."// William Kyestalo, a voter from Gabula village in Jinja central division says that arrived at the polling station as early as 5am was disappointed that voting didn't start until after 8am. He says that the late delivery of voting materials could have put off other voters. //Cue in "we don't feel..." Cue out "... willing to do that."// Winnie Nabiryo, a supervisor at Rubaga glory land polling station explains that because of the rush to deliver the voting materials that was a mix up that caused further delays. She says that fewer vehicles were allocated for the distribution of voting materials. But Flavia Mujulizi, Jinja district returning officer says that despite the late delivery of voting materials polling is going on well.


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