Hillary Onek's Stay in Parliament Under Threat

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Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Voters in Lamwo district have vowed to kick out the area Member of Parliament, Hillary Onek from parliament in the forthcoming elections. Their anger and frustration stems from Onek's poor ranking in the 2008/2009 parliamentary scorecard. Onek scored an E in plenary and an F constituency and no information is provided on committee sittings. Out of the 96 parliamentary sessions convened between 2008-2009, Onek only attended 20 sessions and had one absence with explanation and 75 cases of absence without due permission from the speaker. The parliamentary score card also pinned him on failing to account for Constituency Development Fund. To complete the misery his peers also gave him a percentile of only 48. This poor performance has angered the locals who wonder what he has been doing all this time in the parliament. Many voters say they have no representation in the parliament and want a better person to represent them in the 9th parliament. During the presentation of the scorecard report, many locals also accused the legislator of using the CDF to reward those who voted for him in the last elections. Aropa Acire, a retired civil servant accused Hillary Onek of using the funds to reward his cronies. Acire says the act of the area legislator tantamounts to corruption and says he will work hard to de-campaign him in the forthcoming elections. Denis Arop, a youth from Lukung sub-county is equally not amused. Arop says Lamwo deserves a better leader. He says he will vote for a competent leader who cares for the locals; he says the people of Lamwo need proper accountability from the MP on how he has been using the constituency development fund. Cue in: "when you look at this scorecard..." Cue out: "...this report definitely he is a loser" Grace Aribu, from Padibe east sub-county, says she will not support the bid to return Hillary Onek to the parliament. She says she will vote for more competent leader, who can bring services to the people of Lamwo district; Cue in: "for me I will not really vote for this man..." Cue out: "...for me I will not vote for this MP again" Aribu says she is determined to mobilize her female colleagues to elect a more competent leader. However, the political assistant to Hillary Onek, Thomas Okayot is angry with the African Leadership institute. He says the group is biased in their findings. Okayot believes the incumbent legislator has done enough for the people of Lamwo and serves another term in the parliament. Cue in: "I am asking the people who are working..." Cue out: "...they are a bit lenient on one party" Okayot says those who accuse the MP of failing to account for the constituency development fund are greedy people. He says the MP has offered over 80 scholarships to the people of Acholi sub-region which must be appreciated. Gerald Wairike Wanjala, the team leader of Parliamentary scorecard has denied the allegation of being biased. Wairike says Africa Leadership Institute is a non governmental organization that works independently without any political influence. He says their mandate is to provide avenues for the electorates to know how their representatives perfom in the parliament; Cue in: "6the parliamentary scorecard is not..." Cue out: "...even coming back in the constituency: Wairike says despite the accusations, the institute will continue to offer the needed services to the citizens to make the politicians more accountable to the voters;


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