Gunfire Rocks NRM Elections in Buliisa

2721 Views Buliisa, Uganda
Gunfire and brawls marked the postponed National Resistance Movement primary elections in Buliisa district over the weekend. Like several other districts around the country, voting in Buliisa that was scheduled for Tuesday last week was postponed because of the delayed delivery of election materials. The elections were postponed to Saturday, but even with the four additional days of preparation, ballot papers and boxes only arrived after midday. Angered by the fresh delay, some NRM voters stormed the party headquarters in Buliisa and attempted to confiscate some of the materials. Ibrahim Saiga, the Buliisa District Police Commander, says his officers were forced to fire several gunshots in the air to disperse the mob. He calls the mob hooligans and says four of them were arrested and will be charged with inciting violence. The ballot papers were locked up in Buliisa police station until Sunday when elections were held. In the neighboring Masindi district, election materials arrived late in the afternoon. Businge Mubyama, the NRM district administrative officer, says a new date for the polls will be announced soon. The failure of the elections in the new district of Kiryandongo didn't stop NRM candidates there from going ahead with the polls as planned. However, in the end there was much confusion as Ben Moru, a candidate for the LC5 chair, announced himself winner despite the fact that the vote tally proved otherwise. Sam Otada, the Kibanda Member of Parliament, also declared himself winner of the NRM ticket. He told a massive rally in Kiryandongo that both he and Ben Moru won't rest until irregularities in the elections are sorted out.


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