Gulu UPC Leaders Disregard Otunnu Resignation Demand

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Gulu UPC branch resolves to ignore calls by its party youth for the resignation of Olara Otunnu.

 Uganda People’s Congress members in Gulu district have not taken kindly to demands by youth in their party that Olara Otunnu should resign.
The youth pressure group called ‘Otunnu Must Go’ has given the party president until Friday to either explain why he didn’t participate in the February 18th presidential elections or resign.  They also want him to explain how he used millions of shillings fundraised by the UPC for his campaign.
During a meeting in Gulu on Wednesday, the UPC senior official for Aswa Oola Ameda called the pressure group’s ultimatum and unnecessary utterance. He accused the group of attempting to divide the party.
The UPC Gulu members resolved to ignore the ultimatum.
Dan Oola Odiya, UPC spokesperson in Gulu, said Otunnu’s decision not to vote on Election Day was justified. He said it was a sign of the politician’s integrity that he chose not to participate in an election that he believed was highly flawed.
Odiya said if the youth have a complaint against Otunnu, they should present it through the available party structures. Anything less, he said, was propaganda.
//Cue in: “This is …”
Cue out: “… fate of the president.”//
The decision of the UPC Gulu branch is not widely recognized in northern Uganda.
A few weeks ago the Lira Municipality MP Jimmy Akena accused Otunnu of mismanaging the party. Akena said Otunnu, who took over the UPC leadership from his mother Miria Obote, didn’t do enough to guide the party to victory.