Gulu LC4 Councilor Jailed for Embezzling Ushs 5.4m from NUSAF

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A Gulu municipal councilor is jailed for three years for embezzling Ushs 5.4 million from the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF). He blames 'human weakness' for his crime.

A Gulu municipal councilor has been sentenced to three years in jail for embezzling 5.6 million shillings from the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF).
29-year-old Patrick Nyero, the LC4 councilor for Eriyaga Bwona-Gweno sub ward, committed the crime in 2006.
During Nyero’s trial at the Gulu Grade II Magistrate’s Court yesterday, it was disclosed that the money was intended to facilitate the activities of the Lajwa Tek Community Traditional Dance and Drama Project. The court heard that Nyero forged the signature of the chairperson of the dance and drama project and withdrew the money for his own use.
The councilor initially pleaded not guilty to the crime. However with the evidence stacked against him, he backed down and begged for forgiveness. He told the court that he was a weak man and hadn’t intentionally embezzled the NUSAF money. Nyero requested for three to four days to refund the money in full.
But the Gulu Grade II Magistrate, Jovan Achiro, had little patience for Patrick Nyero. He said the councilor’s actions were selfish and jail time would serve as an example of the state’s action against corruption.

Nyero will now serve three years in prison. On completion of his sentence, he will be required to repay the NUSAF money in full.

The Northern Uganda Social Action Fund is a multi-billion dollar World Bank supported project. It is intended to fund small community projects that can empower former war victims in Northern Uganda to participate in their own developmental activities.



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