Government loses 1.7bn/= to Ghost Workers

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Government has through the public service ministry lost more than one billion shillings in payments to ghost employees, this year. Jimmy Rwamafa, the public service ministry Permanent Secretary, told the public service committee of Parliament, that 1.794 billion shilling was paid to ghost workers in both the central and local governments. Rwamafa yesterday appeared before the committee to answer to the queries raised b the auditor general's report for the 2006 financial year. Gorretti Sendyona, the Assistant Commissioner in charge of the pay roll, told the committee that most of the payments were made to ghost teachers in various districts. Last year, Kenneth Mugambe, the Commissioner for Budget Policy and Evaluation said an inter-ministerial commission established six moths ago discovered 6000 ghost workers on the government payroll. He said non-existent teachers were top on the list of ghost workers in public service. Mugambe said that the Ministry of Finance working with the Ministry of Public Service to intensify investigations into ghost workers. He said that anyone found to have participated in the fraud will be charged with embezzlement of public funds. The public service committee chaired Sebuliba Mutumba, has directed the public service ministry to track and arrest all those implicated in the racket. He warned that failure to track the ghost workers could result into monthly deductions from the Permanent secretary's salary to recover the lost monies.


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