Fuel Shortage Hits Gulu Town

1134 Views Gulu, Uganda
An acute fuel shortage has hit Gulu town, causing long queues at fuel stations. Drivers and Petroleum dealers in Gulu town have been unable to get supplies and are now relying on the small reserves at Caltex refueling station. Kenneth Kitara Polycarp, a Business Manager at Caltex Refueling station, has attributed the shortage to inadequate supplies from Kisumu and Mombassa ports. According to Kitara, Gulu town has over the past few weeks been grappling with fuel shortages. But the fuel prices have remained stable. He however says that the fuel stocks could run out by end of day because of the overwhelming demand by motorists. //Cue in: iThe problem that you see right now# Cue out: i#stock has to run down.i// The scarcity of fuel has forced Bodaboda cyclists to increase the fares from 500 shillings to 1,000 shillings per kilometer. Meanwhile, many residents and students have been forced to walk rather than use public transport.


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