Floods Cut Off Major Roads in Amuria

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Floods caused by torrential rains have washed away several bridges and cut off major roads in Amuria. The roads that are cut off include, Amuria – Abim road, Amuria – Otuke road and Obalanga - Okungur road.

Floods caused by torrential rains have washed away several bridges and cut off major roads in Amuria.
The Kapelebyong county Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Paul Edotu was among the travellers stranded after his vehicle could not go beyond Alito Bridge, Obalanga sub county. Edotu was carrying out an assessment survey of the area. 
By 8:17 pm Thursday, the CAO and his team were still stuck at Alito Bridge that is cut off.
Stephen Ebaju Epenu, Amuria LC5 district councilor representing Obalanga says the roads in Amuria district are impassable.
The roads that are cut off include, Amuria – Abim  road, Amuria – Otuke road and Obalanga - Okungur  road.
Others are Obalanga to Morungatuny  that has been cut off by the floods that have washed away the Bridge.
In Amuria , several people who are heading to Abim  and Otuke districts are stranded after the Bridge got flooded.
Amuria District is bordered by Otuke District to the north, Napak District to the northeast, Katakwi District to the east, Soroti District to the south, Kaberamaido District to the southwest and Alebtong District to the west.
Paul Edotu, points out that, the floods have damaged the central roads and community access roads.
Edotu explains that, Alito Bridge that is the main bridge in Amuria, is completely cut off.
He further added that, yesterday he could not proceed with his  team to Obalanga to do assessment because floods have cut off the roads and they got stuck.
Edotu says children are very affected as they have to find alternative routes to school to sit for their examinations.
He also explains that, as the effects of the road damage , members of the business community are finding it difficult to transact business in the area.
Tom Okello, the LC3 chairperson Obalanga sub county says the school children have to struggle to walk on mud to access their respective schools.
David Ewayu, Amuria District LC V councillor representing Kuju and Willa sub counties, says that they have communicated to Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to repair the roads immediately.
He says that the rehabilitation works will involve repairing some of the bridges which have been washed away.
In 2007, Amuria, Soroti and Katakwi  were  among the districts in East Kyoga region that were badly hit by floods.
In the same year Awoja bridge water level increased leading to the closure of Soroti highway.


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