Five Injured in Namayingo Election Violence

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Five people have been injured in a scuffle over the NRM elections for flag bearers. The five0- all supporters of Sarah Nakyema, a contestant for the Bukooli islands constituency, were attacked by a group of supporters belonging to Sande Okenyoh at around 6.30 a.m. The group armed with pangas attacked the five inflicting serious injuries on their hands, legs and stomach. The attackers accused the five of being responsible for the botched elections in the area. Elections for the official party flag bearers in Namayingo district were postponed again after locals of Dolwe islands accused the election officials of participating in vote rigging. The locals said the ballot papers were ticked in favor of Sande Okenyoh a resident of Sigulu islands. The ballot papers had earlier been kept near Sigulu islands for safe custody before being transferred t o Dolwe islands. A group of locals bought five jerry cans of petrol threatening to burn down the election materials. Charles Wamala, a shopkeeper on Dolwe islands, said they had earlier sensed a move by people residing on the nearby island of Sigulu to rig elections party elections in favor of their candidate. Okenyoh has denied any involvement in rigging the election. He said that he was not even aware that the elections had been postponed. Peter Wabwire, the district returning officer, said another date for elections would be communicated later. Wabwire denied reports of vote rigging in favor of some other candidates. In Bugiri, the elections have been postponed after one of the campaign agents for the LC 5 chairman Bugiri,Hajji Siraji Lyavala, was found with fake pre-ticked ballot papers. An angry mob threatened to lynch the election officials prompting the intervention of the resident district commisioner,Bugiri,Margret Mwanamoiza. The RDC was also held at ransom for 45 minutes, as NRM supporters demanded an explanation about the source of the fake ballot papers. The RDC told the supporters that her office has received reports showing that there are more than 20,000 fake ballot papers in circulation.


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