FDC Struggling to Rise in Kiboga

1358 Views Kiboga, Uganda
Opposition parties are fighting for political survival in the NRM stronghold in Kiboga district. The Forum for Democratic Change managed to nominate two candidates for the LC5 elections, while only one person represents the Democratic Party. The rest of the parties have no nominees. Emmanuel Ssemango, the FDC candidate for the Kiboga LC5 chair, claims that despite the fact that the opposition is in the minority, the NRM plans to rig tomorrow's elections. Ssemango, who is taking on Israel Yiga of the NRM, claims that many of his agents have been bought of by the NRM and have turned against him. He says that because of this, he won't have enough election agents to ensure that the polls are free and fair. In Friday's presidential elections, people in Kiboga voted overwhelmingly for Yoweri Museveni and parliamentary candidates from the NRM. Emmanuel Ssemango says this isn't an indication of his fate in tomorrow's elections. He is confident that the few FDC candidates in Kiboga will triumph. Israel Yiga, Ssemango's rival, says there is no plan to rig the elections. He says the claim is just a means of diverting from the FDC's imminent failure. Other FDC candidates in Kiboga are Edward Ssendikadiwa, for the Nkotanyi LC5 councilorship and Fabiano Mulimira who is standing in Masembe Sub-County. ###