Earth Tremor Hit Mid western Region

2143 Views Hoima, Uganda
The mid-western region has this morning been rocked by an earthy tremor, which left many residents in fear. The US geological survey reported on its website that the tremor measured 5.0 magnitudes on the Richter scale, with the epicenter 47 kilometes West North West of Masindi. Similar tremors were heard in Bunia in the Democratic Republic of Congo, North West of Kampala city and West North West of Nairobi Kenya. Many residents in Hoima, Masindi and Kampala reported buildings shaking when a tremor struck at 6:00am on Tuesday. There were no immediate reports of damage. But in Masindi, a teenager was rushed to Masindi hospital suffering from shock. Helen Kabasekane, 19 a resident of Masindi Quarters in Central Division Masindi Municipality suffered shock, after the tremor believed to be the heaviest in recent years shook the region at about 6am on Tuesday. Kabasekane is now admitted to Supreme Medical Clinic in Masindi town. Relatives attending to her say she developed shock and collapsed shortly after the earthquake. Speaking to journalists at her hospital bed, the teenager, the former student of Masindi secondary school, explained that she lost consciousness as she tried to run out of the house on hearing the earthquake. Kabasekane described the earthquake as the heaviest she has ever heard. In the neighboring Hoima district, the earthquake left residents in shock as others jumped out of their houses in panic. Geoffrey Tumwesige, a journalist working with Bunyoro Television, was among those terrified by the tremor. Tumwesige says he jumped out of the house half naked in fear of being buried inside. He says being well aware of the Japan incident; he feared a repeat could occur in Uganda. Last week a 9-magnitude quake hit Japan leaving over 2000 people dead and thousands homeless. Elders in Hoima meanwhile have varying attachments to earthquakes. Ashraf Mugenyi,  an elder who leads way for Bunyoro’s Omukama says traditionally an earthquake predicts political turmoil and sometimes governments are toppled.  He did not elaborate. To the farmers, earthquakes predict a change in seasons. Mugenyi predicted that this earthquake could trigger off heavy rains since it has been a dry spell. Although described as the heaviest earthquake, Mugenyi says it doesn’t equal that of 1966 and 1994, which wrecked havoc in the mountainous Rwenzori region. ###