Priest Accuses Kigezi Diocese of Denying Him Pension

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A retired priest has dragged the Anglican Diocese of Kigezi to the Labour Office for allegedly denying him retirement benefits.

A retired priest has dragged the Anglican Diocese of Kigezi to the Labour Office for allegedly denying him retirement benefits.

Through his lawyers M/S Twikirize and Company Advocates, Reverend Canon Richard Katarahweire accuses the diocese of denying him pension contrary to Section 12(2) of the Employment Act, 2006.

Katarahweire claims that he served the diocese as a clergyman from 1982 to 2011 before the diocese permitted him to serve in South Ankole Diocese. 

Katarahweire served in South Ankole Diocese from 2011 to 2015.

Katarahweire claims that by the time he left Kigezi Diocese to serve in South Ankole, he had attained 55 years which qualified him to get a pension in accordance with Article 13(15) (d) of the Diocesan Constitution 1967, as mended in 1997.

But to his dismay, Canon Katarahweire says he was recently told that the Diocesan Council resolved not to give him pension during the meeting that was held on 29th of July 2011 because he didn't qualify.

Canon Katarahweire says the resolution is unfair. 

Timothy Twikiriize, a lawyer from M/S Twikirize and Company Advocates, says that the decision by the diocese to deny Katarahweire his pension is irregular because he was never called in the meeting to also consider his opinions.

Sikora Tumwegyese, the Kabale District Labour officer, says that she has already written to the registered trustees of the Diocese of Kigezi about the matter. Tumwegyese says the Diocese is required to appear before labour office for defense before the end of this month.

Reverend Obed Turihohabwe , the Kigezi Diocesan Secretary confirms receipt of the letter from the office of the Kabale District Labour Office. Rev. Turihohabwe, however, declined to explain more on the matter saying he needed more information from the complainant.

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