Developing Nations Protest against UN Climate text


In short
Fresh draft of the negotiating text, released on Thursday now includes issues that had originally been omitted.The omission of crucial for Developing Countries had led to protests from Africa and the G77 and China.

 The United Nations Climate Change negotiators have agreed to expand the text that will form the next global climate change agreement.

Officials from governments meeting in Bonn Germany agreed to expand the text in order to accommodate more concerns from developing countries.

Representatives of Civil Society from Developing Countries had accused the Developed Countries of attempts to omit their views.

By opening of the meeting on Monday, the draft negotiation test has been reduced to only twenty pages but by late Thursday, a new 34-page negotiating text was unveiled.

The new text ends concerns from civil society from Africa and the group known as G77 and China. They had expressed anger over what they called radically slimmed-down text.

They had insisted that the slimmed down text had been tilted in favour of developed countries
The fresh 34-page document, released this morning, now contains more detail on issues such as equity and decarbonisation, loss and damage and climate finance originally removed out of the text.
 Xolisa Ngwadla, lead negotiator for the Africa Group said on earlier text was "unbalanced" and favored Developing countries who were running away from making firm commitments.

The meeting closing today is the last in the series as world leaders to prepare for the Paris UN Climate Change Conference slated to open at the end of November where final agreement will be made.