Councilors Divided over Removal of RDC

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In short
The councilors accused the RDC of harassing residents and sabotaging council business.

Councilors of Apac district council are divided over the proposed removal of Yasin Dauda Kasibante, the Resident District Commissioner. In June this year, Apac district council passed a resolution recommending the removal of Kasibante from office over allegations of harassing residents and sabotaging council business. Odongo Asante, the councilor for Ibuje Sub County says that the RDC should be recalled by government for alleged abuse of office.

He faults the RDC for harassing and intimidating residents occupying Atera government ranch in Akokoro Sub County. Felix Yine, the speaker Apac district council says that they will not work with the office of the RDC unless Kasibante is recalled by government. He says that Kasibante has been using his office to abuse council activities, which he didn’t name. Yine says that as a result, they have resolved to ignore the office of the RDC until a new person is appointed.

Bob Okae, the Apac LC V chairman says that he has written to the president’s office complaining about the abnormal behavior of Kasibante but he is yet to receive any response. However, not all councilors support the proposed removal of the RDC. Eling Owera, the councilor for Chawente Sub County says that there is no evidence backing the allegations against the RDC. He claims that some of the councilors calling for the removal of the RDC are involved in shady deals that are being investigated by the RDC's office.  

Ogwal Echonga, the councilor for Akokoro Sub County says that some of the councilors want Kasibante out of the way to satisfy their selfish interests. Mike Ngura, the councilor for Abongomola Sub County says that the decision by the council to vote for the removal of the RDC could lead to tension between the district and central government. Dauda Kasibante, the embattled RDC denies any wrong doing saying that he is innocent. He says that those pushing for his removal from office are sympathetic to corrupt officials.


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