Community Museum Built in Kabarole

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A community Museum has been built to showcase the different cultures of Toro. The five roomed community museum built on two acres of land is located at Kabahango in Buheesi Sub County along the Fort-Portal- Kasese road. Inside the museum, there are pictures of all the past eleven Kings of Toro, the first Rutooro Bible that was written in 1899, traditional clothes that are worn during cultural functions and the 64 totems in the kingdom. Other items on display are drums that are sounded during the King's coronation anniversary, traditional spears and the nine coffee seeds that represent the nine days of mourning when the King has died. As part of the burial rituals, the beads are dropped in the grave where the king is buried. Plates that were used by the past kings, shoes that the kings and their subjects wore are also displayed in the museum. The brain child of the Museum, David Matia Mugenyi says that he set up the museum because there wasn't any place in the kingdom displaying the various traditions of the kingdom. Mugenyi who built the museum on his piece of land also says that he built the museum to help the young generation that has no knowledge on their tradition. //Cue in: ihaving worked out my research# i Cue out: i#that was my initiative.i// Mugenyi acquired some of the drums and spears from his late father Yowasi Mugenyi who worked at the kingdom palace during the reign of Omukama David Kasagama. On Saturdays students from different schools in the district visit the museum to study about the history of the kingdom and their culture. Despite the poor road leading to the museum, Mugenyi says that he plans to turn the place into a tourist site where he will earn more money and expand the museum. //Cue in: iI would really love expanding#i Cue out: i#bring in some income.i// Mugenyi also says that he has on several occasions tried to seek support from Toro Kingdom but has failed. The acting Minister of Culture, Toro Kingdom, and David Bukombe says the kingdom is looking for funds to support the museum. The community of Kabahango have also benefited from the presence of the museum. Betty Kobusinge says she has learnt about the history of the kingdom that she didn't know in the past. On Sunday, children from Kabahango who visit the museum are also taught the Rutooro traditional dance, Orunyege.


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