Child Safety, Security an Extra Hard Test for Urban Parents

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Parental responsibility in Uganda's urban areas is increasingly becoming a daunting task according to a survey by Uganda Radio Network. Several parents interviewed sighted child safety and security as the biggest challenge for parenting in urban areas. Parents noted that many children in Urban areas have been deprived of the sense of safety and security due to the rising crime targeted at the children. Police statistics in Kampala show a total of 200 cases of child theft were recorded in 2009. The 2009 crimes report for greater Kampala also shows that 50 children were kidnapped from their parents in 2009 alone. These cases were reported and investigated by police as crimes, which directly targeted children both at home, community and at school level. Such reports have keep haunting most parents in Kampala. Remmy Wamala, a working mother in Kampala says it has become increasingly difficult for her to strike a balance between work and parental responsibilities. She lives her children with a housemaid amid worries for safety. She says often times she has been forced to stay silent when her maid makes a mistake for fear of stirring revenge attacks on her children. //Cue in: looking after these children... Cue out: retaliate to your children. // Anslem Wandega, the program Coordinator and policy advocacy APPCAN-Uganda, says children adopting the behavior of the housemaids is increasingly becoming an issue of concern. Many children spend more hours with the maids than with their own parents living their upbringing under the mercy of maids. //Cue in: the gender roles... Cue out: ....your lucky.// Remmy's option is to take her child to a day care center, but the cost of day care is high and unaffordable for an average parent. Most day care centers charge between 200,000 and 300,000 shillings per month. Rose Arora, a street vendor in Kampala, is not bothered by the maids but rather by the influence of the TV on her children. She says that she has over time realized that it is not easy to horn the child to follow in her footsteps when TV is exposing them to different ways of the vast world. She says the language adopted by children mainly from watching television saddens her. // Cue in: you can find... Cue out: .... Things like that.// Lilian Tuulina, is more worried about her children's awareness about money. She says unlike their counterparts in the rural areas, the effect of money on urban children is real. Tuliina says at worst, the increased awareness about money drives children into nasty activities, which ruin their future. //Cue in: the element of money.... Cue out: children. // With the ever-growing numbers of young parents in the urban areas, most of whom are single, poor, and not well educated, the need for multiple services to help create a caring environment for their children is crucial.


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