Chaos at Kampala Hospitals following Bomb Attacks

2111 Views Kampala, Uganda
Chaos reigns at Mulago National Referral Hospital tonight. Hundreds of people have gathered at the hospital to find out whether their relatives and friends were killed or injured in the three bomb attacks that occurred during open-air screenings of the final of the football World Cup. Ambulances, one after another, are bringing in the dead from the Lugogo rugby club where two large blasts went off and the Ethiopian Village Restaurant in Kabalagala where the third explosion occurred at about 10:30 a.m. The police say that more than 50 people have been killed. About 40 were killed in the explosion at the rugby club and 13 were killed in Kabalagala. The motive of the attacks and who was behind them are unknown. At Mulago Hospital, the few staff on duty are severely strained by the number of people coming in. Numerous people are groaning in pain in the casualty ward, begging for help. The range of injuries is overwhelming for the nurses and doctors. Many people have cuts to their heads, arms and stomachs. Some have broken limbs, while others are bleeding profusely. Just after 2:00 am, the bodies of five young people killed in the Lugogo attack were taken to Mulago Hospital. Two of them were men and three were women. Their identities are unknown. The bodies were taken to the City Mortuary. The hospital has called in all available staff to help with the emergency as Ministry of Health and Mulago Hospital ambulances bring the injured in. A vehicle belonging to the American Embassy was also seen at the hospital bringing in some of the injured. None of the Mulago Hospital management are willing to comment on the situation as yet. At kadic two were being stitched. A man and a young lady about 20 or 22. Blood soacked cut around the neck for the woman. Man cut on the arm. Being stitched and put on bed rest. Alan kamanzi. Taken to Mulago. The International Hospital in Kampala, a private hospital in Muyenga, not far from where the blast at Kabalagala took place, is also dealing with emergencies from the bomb blasts. Dr. Ian Clark, the director of the International Hospital, says the first injured people came in from Lugogo rugby grounds at about 10:45 p.m. Four of those who arrived first were young American citizens. One of them, Lindsay Williams, died on arrival. Williams friend, who was too shaken to reveal her name, says the young woman was not hit by the shrapnel from the bomb. She says she just went pale and fell to the ground. She says she attempted to take Williams to other clinics near Lugogo, but they were filled with other bomb victims by the time they arrived there. The Americans were in Uganda to volunteer with the northern Ugandan war rehabilitation organization, Invisible Children. Dr. Clark says the cause of the woman's death is still unknown. According to Dr. Clark, there are about 30 people admitted at the International Hospital. He says four of them are in critical condition with life-threatening wounds and the rest are likely to recover. All the staff of International Hospital have been recalled to deal with the emergency.