Candidacy of NRM Kamuli LC5 Nominee Challenged Again

1718 Views Kamuli, Uganda
Hajji Kawooya Mugaino's nomination as the NRM party's candidate for the Kamuli LC 5 seat has once again come under challenge. Samuel Kiyingi, the NRM party's returning officer in Kamuli, declared Mugaino candidate in September, after he defeated Stephene Mubiru, the incumbent LC 5 Chairman. But Sarah Musobya, a voter in Kamuli, is challenging Mugaino's candidature, on grounds that he does not have the right academic qualifications to stand for the LC 5 seat. Musobya has petitioned the National council of Higher education and the Uganda National Examinations board, seeking investigations into the academic papers that Mugaino presented for nomination. In her petition channeled through Kwesigabo, Bamwine and WalubireCompany Advocates, Musobya claims that Mugaino does not poses an Advanced Level Certificate or its equivalent as required by the law. She also claims that the NRM party candidate did not complete his primary education. But Mugaino presented Pre- University Entry Certificate, a Certificate in Business Administration and Certificate of completion of Formal Education of Advanced Level Standard for nomination. While the nominating officers found no problem with the papers, the petitioner says that the documents were fraudulently obtained. The petitioner wants Mugaino's candidature annulled. Mugaino has described the grounds for the petitioner as baseless and just loud cries from a scared rival supporter. Mugaino says that this is not the first time his papers are being challenged and he will emerge out of this too. In 2007, Mugaino lost his LC 5 seat after the high court found faults in his academic papers. Upon losing his seat, Mugaino was appointed RDC for Mpigi and later on appointed as presidential advisor on Busoga affairs. He however resigned his post recently to contest for the Kamuli LC5 seat, on the NRM party ticket.