Campaign Against Presidential Term Limits Spreads to Gulu

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The campaign to restore presidential term limits spreads to Gulu town where Miria Matembe, a former minister for Ethics and Integrity on Wednesday asked the masses to shun fear if the advocacy is to succeed.

The campaign to restore presidential term limits spread to Gulu town on Wednesday, where Miria Matembe, a former minister for Ethics and Integrity, asked the masses to shun fear if the advocacy is to succeed.
Matembe explained that there is no way the country would witness peaceful transfer of power unless term limits are restored. She urged the citizens to utilize the 50th independence celebration to demand for a return to the term limits.
Matembe, who also served as a woman Member of Parliament for Mbarara district, said having term limits restored in the constitution is the first step the country could count on in the fight to achieve good governance and eliminate corruption.
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Mark Avola, the Coordinator of Gulu NGO Forum said the campaign is a continuation of a survey conducted prior to the 2011 February elections during which many Ugandans asked for the restoration of term limits.
He says the forum will engage the civil society in the district to continue debating against life presidency and the need to restore the presidential term limits.
He says the campaign is expected to last until September 30 to coincide with the date when the 7th parliament scrapped the law on term limits in 2005.
The campaign has generated excitement on the streets of Gulu with many people expressing support for the restoration of presidential term limits.
Charles Okwakalwak, a resident of Pece division says that it’s important for the country to restore term limits to avoid one leader ruling for life and getting tempted to amass wealth through corrupt tendencies. He said the law of diminishing returns also means that overtime even a competent leader can fail to maintain his efficiency.
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Meanwhile other people have expressed fear that the campaign could be frustrated in parliament. Moses Otika, a businessman in Gulu town says he has no trust in the current parliament to pass such a law saying the MPs are easily compromised.
The advocates of the Restore Term Limits Campaign, mainly the civil society have until September to weigh the success of the move that would effectively decide whether or not incumbent president, Yoweri Museveni extends his rule past 2016.