"Burn the Witch!" Hoima Villagers Cry

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In short
A 45-year-old Hoima man is saved by the anti-riot police from lynching at the hands a mob which suspects him of being an evil witch.

Anti-riot police in Hoima Municipality have saved a 45-year-old man from lynching. The man, David Baikaranabyo of Kitema, was attack on the allegation that he is a witch!
Residents of Kitema armed with sticks and stones raided Baikaranabyo’s home late yesterday evening. They accused him of bewitching and killing one of their neighbors who died last week.
The mob also claimed that several people have heard Baikaranabyo boasting of his great supernatural powers and his ability to do away with them at will.
Peter Tumusiime, the Kitema secretary for defense, says he has received several reports of people claiming to be tormented by evil spirits every night. He however says he has no proof linking the reports to David Baikaranabyo.
The mob bayed for the suspect’s blood. Just as it closed in on him, the anti-riot police arrived on the scene and whisked him away.
Charles Alidipu, the officer in charge of Hoima Police Station, says Baikaranabyo is being held for his safety. He says anyone involved in any other cases of violence will be arrested.
Baikaranabyo says he is shocked at being labeled a witch. He insists that he is innocent of all charges.
However the Kitema residents are not convinced. They have threatened to burn him alive as soon as he is released by the police.