Buliisa District Rejects Hunting Proposal

826 Views Kampala, Uganda
Buliisa district authorities have rejected an application by Buliisa Sub County to allow hunting wild game in an area near Murchison Falls National Park. The LC3 chairperson for Buliisa sub-county Kubalirwa Nkuba, says he hoped to use the thick tropical shrubs and forested areas between rivers Waisoke and Waiga for commercial hunting to boost the sub-county tax collection. He says hunting wild game would also reduce illegal poaching, fight off vermin and allow villagers eat some of the much coveted game meat. Wildlife Authorities had raised no objections but district authorities are not convinced. Buliisa district chairperson Fred Lukumu says allowing commercial hunting would start a huge wave of illegal hunting that could threaten animals in Murchison Falls National Park. The areas between Waiga and Waisoke rivers are one of the few fertile perches that the district has earmarked for massive agriculture. The land in question is still communally owned. Land in Buliisa has acquired new value since the discovery of oil in the Lake Albert valley.