Bukomansimbi Mob Kill 17 Cows to Avenge Attack on Villagemate

2023 Views Bukomansimbi District, Uganda

In short
It is alleged that Ssemwezi was assaulted by Ssemogerere’s herdsmen when he tried to stop the politician’s cattle from straying in his plantation.

A mob in Bigasa Sub County in Bukomansimbi district has hacked 17 heads of cattle belonging to Gerald Ssemogerere, the former Mayor Masaka municipality.  The mob which comprised of residents from Mutukula, Kawoko and Kibale villages, descended on Ssemogerere’s farm on Sunday to avenge an attack on Eliphazi Ssemwezi. It is alleged that Ssemwezi was assaulted by Ssendawula’s herdsmen when he tried to stop the politician’s cattle from destroying his plantation.

Joseph Kakooza, one of the residents told URN that livestock owners in the sub county graze animals in their gardens. He says their pleas to the livestock owners to tame their animals for the last five years have not yielded any results. Benedict Ssenoga, Kibale village LC I chairperson says residents raided Ssemogerere’s farm in anger after losing most of their crop to livestock yet the owners of the animals do not compensate them for the loss.

Gerald Ssemogerere, whose farm was raided, insists that his cattle were found in a kraal at the time they were killed. Ssemogerere says at least 20 cows were killed. He wants the people behind the attack on his farm brought to justice. Iddi Lubyayi Kisiki, the former area MP says a number of farmers in Kyaziza, Nakatoke and Kawoko are affected by animals that stray on their gardens. Kisiki says he is considering petitioning President Yoweri Museveni since area leaders have failed to address the problem.  

Muhammad Kateregga, Bukomansimbi LC V chairperson has condemned the mob action. He has promised to convene a meeting with livestock owners and residents to address their grievances.