Bugambe Tea Factory Workers End Strike

Calm has returned at Bugambe Tea factory in Bugambe Sub county Hoima district, which was a scene of rowdy confrontations on Tuesday. Workers at Bugambe Tea Factory comprised mainly of Langi's, went on strike on Monday night protesting against the violent assault of Jimmy Opio. Werene Alinaitwe, a worker at the same factory, purportedly beat Opio for pushing him to pay back the money he borrowed from him. Arinaitwe was arrested, charged with assault and detained at Katanga Police post in Hoima. But Opio accompanied by his tribes mates descended on Arinaitwe's house and set it on fire, destroying property worth millions of shillings. The rowdy group also attacked Katanga police post, demanding for Arinaitwe's release. They told police that they wanted to lynch Arinaitwe in revenge. But police quickly reinforced its presence at the post by deploying the mobile police force. Police was for several hours engrossed in running battles with the rowdy mob and eventually sanity prevailed and the workers returned to the factory. But on arrival at the factory, the workers instead staged a sit down strike paralyzing business. A joint meeting between the police personnel, the factory managers and the workers was quickly convened on Tuesday afternoon to sort out the impasse. Addressing a news conference this morning, Mercellino Wanitho, the Midwestern regional police commander revealed that work had resumed at the factory and that the situation was normal. Wanitho said workers resolved to resume work after the meeting with the factory managers. Meanwhile Werene Alinaitwe is still in police custody while Opio is on treatment at Hoima hospital. Police are also hunting for the people that set Arinaitwe's house on fire.


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